Welcome to my shop! Hi! My name is Suway and I am the one mama behind this shop. You can find me sitting at home-whether it be in the morning drinking my-not so fresh cold coffee ... while checking emails or in my itty bitty studio cutting or sewing garments. I spend majority of my days- LITERALLY from sun up till sun down working on my shop with 5 million interruptions (my kids are still little + my dog is super needy=). If I'm not at home, I'm typically in my car driving my daughter to MDO (Mother's Day Out-twice a week) or heading to and/or from the post office. Ohhh--- can't forget pumping gas and buying snacks! Emails, Social Media, Website, Selecting fabric, Cutting, Sewing, Creating Videos & Graphics, Posting and Packaging. You name it, I do it. 

I found love for creating and sewing trendy garments and making graphic tees for children after I became a mother of 2. I found it very difficult to find basic, yet edgy and or unique clothing for my kids. Having moved to an itty bitty (<--- there's that word again ;) town in Tennessee. There were only so many stores to choose from. Seriously, everywhere we went- it seemed like everyone and their mom had the same clothes. Feeling the need to gain back my independence from not working outside our home- I wanted to contribute to our family by helping out financially. So in 2015, I decided to take the plunge and open up an Etsy Shop.

Fast forward to now, I launched my stand alone website (THIS ONE) nearly a three years ago! I started out making Bibdanas, Burp Clothes, and Accessories- to Custom take-home outfits, onesies and graphic tees- to now- I have created and launched my own handmade collections that are sewn by- me, myself, and I! Juggling 2 websites, being a wife, and a mother- has been nothing less than difficult! I am so very thankful for my husband, family and friends that have continued to support me throughout this time! I wouldn't be where I am today with out their love and am extremely GRATEFUL for my TLH CREW/SQUAD team!!! Seeing these little babes Stylin' & Profilin' in TLH Gear literally puts the biggest smile on my face and encourages me to continue to do what I love!!!!

  QUALITY, COMFORT & STYLE is very important to me! Your children will feel comfortable, look adorable, all while doing their normal day to day activities. My goal is to seamlessly provide timeless yet edgy basics which allows you to build an EPIC capsule wardrobe for your babes. I am beyond Thankful to have the opportunity to make something for your little! Lately, I have been beginning to feel the heat lately! I'm on the hunt to bring on someone aboard to help! Wish me luck! This will be tedious process as I refuse to let quality suffer. Hope you find something you love and return in the future! Please keep in mind that ALL ORDERS are MADE TO ORDER. Current turn around time is 3-5 weeks plus processing and shipping time (excluding weekends and holidays) unless stated otherwise. l also offer -Custom Graphic Tees in my Etsy Shop! Feel free to head there and check it out! Thank you for supporting my Small Shop & don’t forget to follow us on social & join our VIP group on FB for access to sneak peeks!